Volume 20, Supplement 2, 2012


New insights into biological targets and therapeutic management of infectious diseases
Selleri Carmine, Zeppa Pio, Montuori Nunzia, Esposito Silvano

67 kDa laminin receptor: structure, function and role in cancer and infection
Rea Vincenza Elena Anna, Rossi Francesca W., De Paolis Amato, Ragno Pia, Selleri Carmine, Montuori Nunzia

The urokinase-receptor in infectious diseases
Montuori Nunzia, Selleri Carmine, Ragno Pia

Hp(2-20) peptide of Helicobacter pylori and the Innate Immune Receptors: Specific Role(s) of the Formyl Peptide Receptors
Rossi Francesca W., Prevete Nella, Montuori Nunzia, Ragno Pia, Selleri Carmine, Marone Gianni, De Paolis Amato,

Original article

Low-dose valgancyclovir as cytomegalovirus reactivation prophylaxis in allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Serio Bianca, Rosamilio Rosa, Giudice Valentina, Pepe Stefano, Zeppa Pio, Esposito Silvano, Pezzullo Luca, Rocco Monia, Montuori Nunzia, Selleri Carmine,

Non lymphomatous clonal B-Cell populations in enlarged lymph nodes in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
Cozzolino Immacolata, Vigliar Elena, Sosa Fernandez Laura Virginia, Selleri Carmine, Pepe Stefano, Vitale Mario, Triggiani Massimo, Zeppa Pio

Case report

Successful management of pulmonary mucormycosis with liposomal amphotericin B and surgery treatment: a case report.
Serio Bianca, Rosamilio Rosa, Giudice Valentina, Zeppa Pio, Esposito Silvano, Fontana Raffaele, Annunziata Silvana, Selleri Carmine