Volume 14, Issue 4, 2006


Daptomycin, the first cydal antibiotic of a new class active against Gram positive pathogens
Stefani Stefania, Esposito Silvano

Interactions and false positive results of galactomannan antigen detection for diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis
Machetti Marco, Viscoli Claudio

Original article

Seroepidemiology of Fascioliasis in the Antalya Region and uselessness of eosinophil count as a surrogate marker and portable ultrasonography for epidemiological surveillance
Ozge Turhan, Korkmaz Metin, Saba Rabin, Kabaalioglu Adnan, Inan Dilara, Mamikoglu Latife

Prevalence and clinical significance of Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis in the lower genital tract of HIV-1-infected women
Lanzafame Massimiliano, Delama Andrea, Lattuada Emanuela, Faggian Federica

Evaluation of Vitek 2 performance for identifying extended spectrum beta-lactamases in Enterobacteriaceae “other than Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis and Klebsiella spp”
Diamante Paola, Camporese Alessandro

Case report

Pott’s disease in a patient affected with epilepsy and behavioural abnormalities
Sapienza Mauro, Occhipinti Maria Lidia, Spadaro Paolo, Rossetto Giuseppe

Four cases of meningitis by streptococci other than pneumoniae in adults: clinical and microbiological features
Attanasio Vittorio, Pagliano Pasquale, Fusco Ugo, Zampino Rosa, Faella Francesco Saverio

Nosocomial Brevundimonas vesicularis meningitis
Mondello Placido, Ferrari Lucio, Carnevale Giuseppe

Cases of Chikungunya fever in Italy in travellers returning from the Indian Ocean and risk of introduction of the disease to Italy
Fusco Francesco Maria, Puro Vincenzo, Di Caro Antonino, Nicastri Emanuele, Carannante Novella, Faella Francesco Saverio, Barzon Luisa, Di Cesare Simona, Palù Giorgio, Capobianchi Maria Rosaria, Ippolito Giuseppe

Which antibiotic prophylaxis to use for urologic procedures in patients at risk for infective endocarditis: a report on two cases.
Scotton Pier Giorgio, Vaglia Alberto, Rizzi Marco, Ravasio Veronica, Mengoli Carlo

The Infections in the History of Medicine

Petechial typhus in Napoleonic Italy. Scientific debate and the role of Giovanni Rasori
Sabbatani Sergio