Case report

Fatal reactivation of HBV and HDV during a long-lasting interruption of HAART in a patient co-infected with HIV, HCV, HBV and HDV
Polilli Ennio, Sozio Federica, Mazzotta Elena, Pieri Alessandro, Alterio Luciana, Placido Elena, Agostinone Adriana, Di Masi Francesco, Tontodonati Monica, Consorte Augusta, Cosentino Luana, Parruti Giustino
Coinfection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and hepatitis viruses is a frequent condition in drug addicts. In the present study we report on the case of a patient with a history of drug and alcohol abuse who was sequentially infected with HIV, HCV, HBV and HDV. He died of an overwhelming reactivation of HBV and HDV in spite of a recent interferon treatment. HBV and HDV resumed their active replication after over 20 years of complete latency, that is after long-lasting viral undetectability, when the patient deliberately discontinued his last HAART regimen. HBV and HDV reactivated in spite of a relatively preserved immune system and a recent immune stimulatory treatment with pegylated interferon.

Page 43-47 - Vol.18 N. 1 - 2010